About the School of Music at University of Wisconsin-Madison

The School of Music at the University of Wisconsin-Madison is proud of an outstanding international roster of faculty artists and scholars devoted to the School’s fundamental mission of fostering and promoting the global cultural art of music. Our 60-member faculty maintains a unique focus on individual student achievement, utilizing the vast resources of the world-famous Madison campus.

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Established in 1895, the School of Music reflects the Wisconsin Idea of practical service to the state and its residents. A music degree program was organized in 1915, emphasizing training for public school music teachers. In 1939 the School gained acclaimed distinction with the creation of the first musical artist-in-residence position at any American university.


  • To provide a comprehensive program of undergraduate and graduate education that promotes the highest levels of professional development while challenging students to achieve their greatest potential;
  • To cultivate an environment that inspires creativity, stimulates intellectual curiosity, and fosters critical thinking; and
  • To serve the University community, the public, and the profession through performance, composition, scholarship, music education and outreach.