Stage Q is seeking a person who can comfortably and confidently play multiple reed instruments (and the flute too!) for William Finn’s Falsettos. The Samuel French rental parts call for one person who can play Flute, Oboe, Alto Saxophone, and Clarinet and the score is strong with elements of klezmer, gospel, rock, and jazz. Reed Parts are available for pick up and rehearsal as of August 16.

Falsettos will play 12 performances from Sept. 28 (Thursday) through October 14 (Saturday afternoon matinee) at the Bartell Theatre off the square in downtown Madison. There will be two dress rehearsals (Sept. 26, 27), one orchestra read-through (TBD), and one sitzprobe (TBD). Steve Radtke will play piano/conductor score, Katie Covi additional synthesizer, and Dr. J. Adam Shelton will direct the music.

This is a paid engagement. Please contact directly for more details.

Dr. J. Adam Shelton