My fiancé and I seek cellists to play at our ceremony at the Lussier Family Heritage Center on August 12th,  2017 at 4 PM. Myself, my dad, and my mom all play the cello recreationally, and I would love to have cellists play at our wedding. I played in a group cello ensemble in college and love the sound of cello duets, so I would prefer to have more than one cellist, though I would consider having just one if only one person is available. We would be open to suggestions for songs, but as I grew up listening to the cello submarine album by the Berlin Philharmonic, I would love to have the cellists perform nuanced, harmonized, duet/trio covers of Beatles songs, in particular the songs Something; Here, There and Everywhere; or Across the Universe. The ceremony is at 4 PM and is expected to last 30 minutes. We would like music both at the beginning and end of the ceremony. We would hope to have you on-site shortly before the ceremony to set up. If possible, we may also like to have you at the rehearsal on the evening of the 11th. This is a paid event, and payment amount is negotiable.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions if you are interested. My email is


Hayley (and Nick)