I work for Independent Living, Inc. at one of their senior living apartment complexes.  I am seeking any type of musical acts that might want to come and perform at the Gardens, located at 602 N. Segoe Rd (behind Hilldale Shopping Center).

We’d like to entertain our residents on a weekday mid-afternoon in a volunteer position.  Many of our residents are on fixed incomes and as a non-profit organization, we have a limited entertainment budget.

You may contact me, Ava, at segoereception@independentlivinginc.org
Also, if you are a pianist, please note that we have a beautiful grand piano at your disposal!
Thank you so much.

Ava Martinez
The Gardens Receptionist

Independent Living, Inc.
602 N. Segoe Rd.
Madison, WI 53705

608-204-0900    Phone
608-663-2780    Fax