My name is Will, and I represent the interests of the 2017 Bucky’s Award Ceremony. The Bucky’s Award Ceremony is an esteemed banquet held during the spring semester that recognizes and celebrates both outstanding student leaders and student organizations at the University of Wisconsin- Madison. This year, the Bucky’s Award Ceremony will be held on Sunday, April 9 at 6:30 pm-9:30 pm in Varsity Hall of Union South.

We are looking for a small jazz (or anything, really) ensemble (2-3 frontline instruments, 2-3 comping instruments. This is flexible; just reach out if you think you can do the job.) to provide backing music for dinner and general award-show ambience, in addition to approximately 20 minutes of front-and-center entertainment.

You are at liberty in terms of your actual music. Have fun with it, jam, improvise. Just be aware that some high-profile administrators will be in attendance.

Pay is negotiable and flexible, but we are a nonprofit and rely on benefaction as much as possible. You will be fed and treated well.

Reach out to me at, or by phone at (414) 213-6967. Text preferable.