Musician needed…


I want to make more efficient my process to assemble binder of lead sheets all in Band in Box format, plus separate sets of words, in addition to those I already have.  Includes original simply songs and some jazz standards.

You can work mostly on your own time and places, interacting with band in a box to create files and edit as needed as I work with them. Eventually will also want to record little demos of how the original ones sound so I can share with others in other places.

Best if student has up to date Band in Box software on own computer and is willing to help me install up to date Band in Box on my MAC computer. I would consider funding
update for a student of BIB software to most recent version  at same time.

Ongoing project. Prefer someone who has already worked with Band in Box and has software on own computer. Recent version best as I am about to update and it has improved. I know other music software exists but prefer Band in a Box right now. Prefer someone who might enjoy the process.

Date place time:
Job is great for student in terms of flexibility. Not sure how often have to get together to make the process work,  maybe once a week at most.
Much of work can be done on student’s own computer whenever student prefers.
Eventually also need to make little demos of each song so can send to friends in other states so they can hear what sound like (for originals).
Best to meet on weekend to go over current binder etc. and set out plan.

Name: Anne S. Miner – Professor Emerita
Not a UW job per se.

I am emerita faculty who writes some songs, does some open mics every now and then and goes to music camps.
Want to shape up my binder of jazz standards, and expand binder of my own songs. Need to translate own songs to band in a box, and for standards take old versions I have and put all in identical format in Band in Box.

In put on the project also welcome, but mostly need person with ready skills, great attention to detail and appropriate software skills for this project.

Anne Miner
608 233 6406

Biggest amount of work early in semester but hopefully ongoing as well