Paid Gig for a Jazz or Contemporary Pianist or Keyboardist

Our contemporary worship ensemble at St. Peter is looking for a versatile musician to join a rhythm section in our church worship band.  The group consists of multiple singers, electric & acoustic guitars, piano/keyboard, bass, drums, trumpet and other various instruments.  This is a paid position for an experienced jazz pianist/keyboardist as we need someone with this skill set.  Many UW musicians who have played here have been in top jazz ensembles.  The environment exposes one to a variety of styles and promotes group arranging.

Rehearsals are Wednesday evenings from 7:30 to 9:15pm. (Paid)
The gig is every Sunday morning at 11am -sound check prior.

Below is a brief description of what is needed for the job.

Proficiencies Required:
·         Ability to read sheet music and interpret chord symbols in an appropriate style
·         Improvise or transcribe phrases, parts or create original musical ideas
·         A musical score will be provided for each song, but it may work better with ensemble arrangement to use chord symbols.

Desired Qualities:
·         Degree in music, masters or doctoral student or candidate preferred
·         A car for transportation (only 15 minutes from Campus)

Gig Perks:
·         Collaborate with other talented musicians
·         Band/live stage experience
·         Live sound/recording opportunities
·         New sound system and excellent keyboard on hand
·         Extra income for playing music!

Please send an email of interest with your musical background or resume to Andrew Kem to