Seeking a musician who is proficient with a small/mobile instrument (violin/fiddle/ open to other ideas!) for an event my company, WTS Paradigm, is hosting this September:

It’s a networking event in the Edgewater’s sky bar on Tuesday, September 27th from 6pm-9pm and would love to have you there for it! Are you available to entertain our guests?

This is a paid gig.

If so, could you shoot over your contract/terms/quote and we’ll get rolling? I’d like to meet up in the next few weeks to see your performance style.

Just a head’s up on the space and our event:
–          Event Name: WTS Paradigm Customer User Group Event
–          Expected number of guests: 65 total
–          Dining style: heavy apps (not a sit down/ but tables available)
–          Guest arrival time: some will arrive around 5:30 (grabbing drinks/food); the rest will be on a boat tour until 6:30pm
–          Other entertainment: hiring a magician as well; mingles with the crowd (not a ‘show’)
–          We’ll have the whole sky bar and both patio’s. Fingers crossed for good weather as I’d love for the guests and the musician to use the entire space (inside and out) – but if it is horrible outside, then we’ll be a little tight inside – please be prepared for this and plan accordingly (ie) no space for a full standing bass.

Natalie Kingsfield
WTS Paradigm | Marketing Coordinator | Phone: 608-662-1933 | Fax: 608-664-9295