2. Outdoor wedding ceremony in a cool prairie setting (no hiking boots required I promise), held indoor if inclement weather.

3. Brooklyn/Oregon, WI. Friday, Aug 26th, 2016. Approx 4:30 – 5:30 PM

4. Paid, name your price.

5. An audio sample of a classic wedding ceremony tune is preferred over personal references! Newbies are great and you may not have gig references!

6. dlnell@wisc.edu

7. Looking for a cellist ideally, but other string instruments welcime to apply if you kick butt. Talent is what I’m appreciating. Small wedding of about 30 guests including wedding party so no mic/amp required. If that changes we can provide such. Will provide basic chair for seating, you’re welcome to bring your own if needed. No I don’t mind if you need to use sheet music. We are laid back, and fun loving people. Creativity and suggestions welcome. Willing to check out a live rehearsal/gig in lieu of an audio sample if preferred. All I ask is you dress for a wedding; tattoos, sassy hair, facial piercings are welcomed with open arms, but if you don’t have any of that I love you just as much. Thanks and I hope you can be part of our big day!!!