On the afternoon of Sat. June 4, 2016 from about 1:30- 4:00 pm. We would like to find a casual few folk musician enthusiasts to fiddle, pick, strum etc. any old foggy bottom/Cajun/Zydeco/Appalachian or folk type music. We’d like to have them playing for arrival of guests before, during & after our wedding ceremony.

We envision musicians casually fiddling & strumming folkksy/southern/hillbilly type music while guests gather for our ceremony, accompany the bridal aisle walk & while our guests enjoy visiting before dinner. Hoping to set a light mood of background music outdoors for a casual fun welcome for all our guests & especially our many relatives coming from Texas.
There will be a DJ dance inside the hall later that evening.

The ceremony will take place about 15 minutes from Madison, outdoors of the American Legion Hall in Cross Plains, WI on 6/4/2016. Absolutely want to pay the student musicians, though we are not knowledgeable of rates. We wouldn’t want to offend their worth, however, we have $250 saved & set aside, so far. It’s not a firm number we wouldn’t consider going over, more an idea of price range to share with the musicians. If there’s interest & talent available in folksy fiddling music, in that type price range, please let us know. Thank you kindly for considering our venue.
Arrangements & details can be discussed with Mother of the Bride, Mrs. Herkert, through this email address herk@tds.net or by phone at (608) 516-5737.