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Sound Health is a music outreach program through the UW-­Madison School of Music which organizes weekly performances in several public spaces within UW Hospitals & Clinics.  Students and ensembles from the UW­ Madison School of Music volunteer to perform in these spaces for hospital guests, visitors and staff, creating an enhanced, peaceful environment for healing.

Two program managers are needed to maintain the Sound Health program and will be overseen by School of Music faculty, but the program managers must be able to self­-motivate and work largely independently. We’re hoping to find students passionate about enhancing the healing environment who are also very organized and strong in communication. Training will take place in March/April but the position officially begins at the start of the 2015­-16 school year.


  • Recruit School of Music students to get involved in the program by speaking to SoM classes and studio masterclasses
  • Work with selected musicians/ensembles and hospital staff to organize a weekly performance schedule
  • Accompany musicians/ensembles to UW Hospital and facilitate setup/takedown of performance
  • Take photos/video of each performance and assist with website maintenance (Weebly.com(http://weebly.com/), no coding required)
  • Apply for grants to supplement program budget If you would like to apply for this position, please contact the current program managers by emailing soundhealth@music.wisc.edu.

Pay:  $10.00/hour

Contact Information:

Meredity Smalley