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Volunteers are needed for the pit orchestra for Stageworks Projects production of “Oliver!”.

Here is what I am still looking for:

Violin I
Violin II
Viola I
Trumpet I
Trumpet II
Horn 1
Horn 2
Trombone II
Reed II (Oboe & English Horn)

This is an unpaid opportunity; however, I promise we’ll have a lot of fun!  Rehearsals will be kept to a minimum:

June 23, July 14 and August 4 (sitzprobe). Additionally, we would have two dress rehearsals on August 8 and 9 with performances on August 10, 11, and 12.  All rehearsals and performances will be at Stoughton High School.

Interested musicians should contact Justin Wilder – j.danielwilder@gmail.com

Note: the School does not endorse or guarantee any services resulting from announcements made on our blog.