Be Professional Without Losing Your Personality

From Campus to Career, by Kirk Baumann

Guest post by Erin Palmer

After four or more years of casual college life, transitioning to the corporate world can come as a shock to many graduates. The dress code is less comfortable, the responsibilities are diverse and the pressure to make a good impression can stifle your personality to the point where you don’t even recognize yourself. While it is important to be professional at work, it doesn’t mean hiding who you really are. It takes all kinds of personalities to make a business run, so read on to find out how to be yourself and make a good impression. Use your distinctive personality to your advantage.

Your Personality Can Help You Land a Job
Different jobs require different personality traits, but you don’t need to undergo a chameleon-like transformation to land one. Find out what jobs fit your personality best, and don’t force yourself to hide behind a different persona. For example, a retail hiring manager will want an outgoing, friendly person to wait on customers and sell merchandise. If you’re not into dealing with the public, why fake it? Even if you do get the job, you probably won’t enjoy it and chances are that you won’t last long.

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