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From The Musician’s Way Blog, by Gerald Klickstein

“Auditions may be among your most significant career-building performances.
Why not enjoy them?”

The Musician’s Way, p. 222

Having heard countless auditions over the years, I’ve learned that few young musicians audition well – time and again, gaps in their preparation cause them to underachieve.

This post will help you perform commanding live auditions.

1. Choose music strategically
You might be surprised to know how often musicians underachieve at auditions due to misguided repertoire choices.

To avoid making similar mistakes, always opt for titles that meet any published requirements and are within your capacity. Favor tried-and-true pieces that you love over untested ones and never program music at the edge of your ability.

If published repertoire guidelines seem vague, write for clarification, and get feedback from a mentor before you commit to any titles.

2. Master your material early
Begin learning material far in advance of audition dates, and stick to a practice schedule – maybe use a practice log.

Remember that auditions can trigger worry, which can lead to avoidance and injurious cramming. Pace yourself.


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