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New Arts Venture Challenge

The fifth-annual New Arts Venture Challenge, a university-wide competition, was recently completed, with the top prize of $2,000 going to visual arts students Darian Pearlmutter and Kelsey Wenberg for a pop-up gallery venture using empty commercial spaces entitled “Loading Dock.” Two dynamic projects, both composed of School of Music students tied for the second place awards of $500 each.

Cellists Zhou Zhou Robidoux (far left) and Andrea Kleesattel (far right) with Stephanie Jutt and Andrew Taylor.

Classical Revolution: Deep Song will be an adventurous concert on October 25, 2012, timed to coincide with the fall presidential elections.

Collaboration with Kanopy Dance will explore the meaning of being an American today. Music students Laura Weiner, Andrea Kleesattel and Zou Zou Robidoux are the members of Classical Revolution who proposed this project. 

Percussionists Dave Alcorn (far left) and Sean Kleve (far right) with Stephanie Jutt and Andrew Taylor.

Clocks in Motion, presented by Sean Kleve and David Alcorn, is a percussion ensemble which is engaged in an ambitious and ground-breaking project. The group is planning to build an entirely new set of microtonal instruments and tour with them during the fall of 2012. The instruments are based on the compositional ideas of Harry Partch, a faculty member at UW-Madison from 1944-1947. For more information about the Clocks in Motion venture and upcoming performances, visit www.clocksinmotionpercussion.com.