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David Sisco, Contemporary Musical Theatre

David Sisco, Contemporary Musical Theatre

Today we are glad to add Contemporary Musical Theatre as a link and partner blog to our site. Author David Sisco is a voice teacher, composer, and performer from New York.


“The i-Society”: Product vs. Process

I love my i-Phone.  I readily admit it.  It is one neat gadget.  And, when it comes right down to it, it’s incredibly useful to my work as a voice teacher.  I can’t count how many times I’ve been able to schedule a last-minute voice lesson because I could access e-mail on my phone.  Need to check a tempo?  Wait – there’s an app for that.  It’s a genius invention.

And yet, as an artist, I take issue with the i-Phone and similar technologies.  There’s something very seductive and dangerous about having all this information at our finger tips.  I think it gives us a false sense of security.  I also believe it sends an incorrect message to young artists that our work is about product and not process.

I know I’m not the only voice teacher who has to tell his students that what we do takes an unbelievable amount of discipline and dedication.  And while my students are all very hard-working, I often have to remind them what it really means to practice.  Have you “intoned” the lyric in the rhythm of the song?  Have you practiced singing solely on the vowels, making sure each vowel stays in the ring of the voice?  Have you turned the high phrase at the end of the song into an exercise so you can work it into your voice?  As performing artists, we must first take things apart before we can discover how they work in our instrument.

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