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Creating a New Identity in the Performing Arts

Alexis Del Palazzo:  Alexis is an active performer and private flute studio teacher in the central PA region.  She approaches the flute sensibly and holistically, and maintains the blog The Sensible Flutist.

The title of this post is my vision statement. My 5 year goal is to create a new identity for myself as a physical therapist, Andover Educator, flutist, teacher and writer. How did I get on this path and how do I plan to do it all?

Musicians are quite accustomed to wearing many hats. In addition to just loving music and wanting to engage with it for a living, I’m also attracted to how my routine isn’t so routine. I can be doing any number of different things in a normal day, and I love that. It keeps things fresh.

So maybe you’re saying, “OK. I get that you’re a flutist, teacher and writer but what’s an Andover Educator and how is physical therapy related?”

In June 2011, I attended the Andover Educators’ biennial conference in Montclair, NJ. This was a life changing experience. For what seemed like the first time ever, I was surrounded by people who were just as generous in spirit as I strive to be. The days were full of wonderful conversations and giving. We all had so much to share with one another and this sharing was never done in an obnoxious way, but in a supportive, giving, caring way. The focus of the conference was about music, and that deep connection to music through healthy movement hooked me.

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