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5 Things to Leave Off Your Resume

From Campus to Career, by Kirk Baumann

There are many career networking opportunities available for job seekers.  Networking opportunities prove useful however, at some point, you are going to be required to submit one of two documents.  The documents required will be a resume or Curriculum Vitae (A typed summary of your professional and educationalbackground).  Resumes and Curriculum Vitae are documents that should never be considered “finished.”  These two things should be continuously updated in order to properly display pertinent information about your professional and academic careers.  It is highly recommended that resumes contain no more than one page for sometimes, less is more and resume writing proves no exception.  There are certain things that you should leave off your resume.

The following are five suggestions for worthwhile exclusions:

Leave photos off your resume

Discrimination suits prove rampant in the field of Human Resources and employment services.  If someone presents a resume with a picture and that person is not hired, it leaves room to file a discrimination law suit claiming the person was not hired because their picture was not appealing.  Most company Human Resource departments will just throw resumes with pictures away or save them to avoid the discrimination issue altogether.

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