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From The Musician’s Way Blog, by Gerald Klickstein

“How can we have a goal in practice, feel inspired by a sense of purpose and direction, and yet avoid becoming caught in a tangle of straining and striving?”
–Joseph Goldstein, author (Insight Meditation, p. 29).

Have you ever felt entangled by your musical aspirations, swamped with music to practice and skills to master? Many young artists do.

Then, owing to overeagerness, students often bypass doing the slow, deep practice that’s required for them to reach their goals.

Case in point, myriad students arrive at lessons believing they’re prepared, only to realize under their teacher’s guidance that, although they devoted hours to their music, they practiced hastily and missed crucial fine points. (Sound familiar?)

“Be patient,” teachers urge, as they correct students’ missteps. The students agree to try, but then similar scenarios play out in the ensuing weeks.

What’s going on? For one thing, patience isn’t all that’s lacking…

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