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From The Musician’s Way Blog, by Gerald Klickstein

“Combine your mistakes and your triumphs, stir them into the pot of artistic progress, and then savor what bubbles up.”
The Musician’s Way, p. 112

Let’s say that you’ve pinpointed some creative goals, equipped your workspace, and scheduled daily times to create – your objectives are within reach and you’re fired up to achieve them.

Is that sufficient groundwork to establish an ongoing creative practice?

For most of us, steady creating requires additional steps because the creative process gets thorny and life can be unpredictable.

Here, then, are ten tips for maintaining a robust creative practice.

  1. Microcreate. Allocating regular time to create is vital, but we can also create in short bursts whenever windows of opportunity open. On busses or trains, for instance, we can do some mental practice or jot down compositional ideas.
  2. Be resilient. Given that creating involves experimentation and missteps, it takes mental toughness to keep pushing our limits. When vexing problems arise, or if we receive stinging criticism, we need to stay positive and stay the course.
  3. Create through turmoil. Life brings unexpected complexities. Rather than letting our creativity be derailed by disturbances, if we keep creating through tough times, even at micro levels, we support our motivation.

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