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by Laura Lentz on October 25, 2011

Arts Enterprise is excited to announce their next Arts Enterprise Summit: The Creative Economy and You will be held March 23-25, 2012 at the Drucker School of Business at Claremont Graduate University.

The 2012 AE Summit will give arts and business students the opportunity to explore their creativity in new ways, develop career strategies, and strengthen their entrepreneurial skills. Designed by students for students interested in both the arts and business, The Creative Economy and You will be a powerful way for students to build their network with some of the key players in the arts and business sectors.

This time around, Arts Enterprise Central is raising funds to subsidize student conference fees, via their new IndieGogo fundraising campaign. Contributing $50 today will cover the full cost of one student registration. If you ARE A STUDENT contribute $25 before December 1 and your contribution will become your registration fee – this is a 50% discount! By helping reach Arts Enterprise’s goal of $5,000, you will be creating a one-of-a-kind Summit that will build the next generation of arts leaders. To learn how to contribute, please click here.

Check the Summit website soon for updates on the schedule, presenters, registration information and other goodies. For now, please visit the Summit Facebook page.

Arts Enterprise creates communities of arts and business students that develop new ideas for a triple-bottom line of social, cultural, and economic growth.

For any questions, concerns, or other feedback, please email Arts Enterprise or check out the Arts Enterprise Central homepage.

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