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Hello Everyone,

Arts Enterprise is excited to announce that there will be openings for leadership positions next year; please forward this to anyone that you think might be interested.  Students can nominate themselves and others by emailing artsenterprisemadison@gmail.com.  Faculty may also make nominations.  Deadline for nominations will be August 1 after which we will have an election through an internet survey.  Below are descriptions for the positions:

President– will oversee the task and work of the other directors and coordinators and will work with faculty and administration to steer the organization.  This person will help in the planning of events, including finding guest speakers and deciding what sorts of events would be most appropriate for the membership and the community of Arts Enterprise.  They will work to connect Arts Enterprise to other University groups and groups in the Madison arts and business community.  They will help the organization to become more embedded and sustainable in the University and Madison communities.

Secretary-will hold the organization notebook and will keep track of notes from meetings and events.  Will help in the coordination of other directors and coordinators by being a central source of information about the planning and statistics of Arts Enterprise.

Treasurer– will be in charge of keeping track of money spent, keeping receipts and money records, and purchasing goods (including costs for promotion).  Will work closely with the Development Director and may be combined into one position if need be.

Development Director– someone who looks for funding sources and works on grants.  This will mostly be sources internal to UW and would include applying for ASM grant money (event, travel and operations grants) and other guest speaker funds.

Promotional Director– in charge or getting out the word for events.  This includes sending emails about events to the organization and different department heads, designing flyers and posting them, newsprint ads, and creating facebook events.

Event Coordinator– this person is in charge of lining up the components of each event.  This includes coordinating the guest speakers, organizing the course of the event and printing programs, putting up navigation signage in the building of the event, and reserving rooms and the equipment needed for the event.

Membership Coordinator– keep track of membership and be in contact with members.  This includes collecting information about the demographics of our members (how many students, professionals, faculty, alumns, etc), having contacts with the different arts departments, having contact with alumni, disseminating surveys and other general communications with the Arts Enterprise community that are not directly related to events.

Please let me know if you have any questions. Hope you are all having a wonderful summer!

Best wishes,
Andrea (Kleesattel, current AE president)