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This article from Campus to Career highlights many of the commonalities found in the crossroads of entrepreneurship, networking, and community service. A grand wave of entrepreneurship is active and energetic on the UW-Madison campus, and many projects here at the School of Music involve service through the arts. (See music.wisc.edu/community and music.wisc.edu/news for more…)

From Do Good, Do It Now (Please) by Kirk Baumann:

“…Whether you have a job or not, it’s important to volunteer your time and resources to help those in need.  Giving back to your community will prove to be very rewarding.  You’ll most likely come away from the experience energized, enthusiastic and with a little more humility.  Helping others reminds us that there are people out there that don’t have the things we take for granted.  Their biggest struggle isn’t finding a job – it could very well be the struggle to find food and shelter….

“How does this relate to the job search or job advice?  Well, you’re interacting with people (Skills: Customer Service / Communication), working together towards a common goal (Skills: Project Management / Teamwork), and you’re taking the initiative to help empower others in need (Skill: Leadership).  Volunteering can also be a great networking experience, so be prepared and bring your “A” game.  Like any other networking or professional interaction, don’t forget to follow up.  Building a relationship with your teammates around volunteerism may just be that common ground that will help get your foot in the door…”

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