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Mills Music Library is recruiting for positions as Library Student Assistants for Summer and the coming academic year. Preference will be given to applicants who will continue through next year.

Student assistants contribute to a wide of range of services; for new workers these include shelving, stack maintenance, binding, audio facility/reserves circulation, etc. The work is very detail- and process-oriented. Reading knowledge of music is strongly preferred, but not required for most Music Library student positions. On-the-job study time is not
available at Mills.

Eligibility for student positions in the General Library System requires that students be enrolled for credit, during the semester employed. Students who wish to be work during the summer are required to have been enrolled during the Spring semester, and to be returning for the Fall semester.

Please see the Student Employment link on the Mills Music Library “About” page (http://music.library.wisc.edu/about/) for particulars on how to apply. No telephone inquiries.