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Fellow musicians:

This article from Kirk Baumann at Jobhuntchat.com presents a starting point for some of the questions we often find it necessary to ask ourselves. When considering how to proceed with meeting our career goals, we also need to become clear on how we want to create our lives…

  • Where to live/work/engage with a community
  • Family considerations
  • Income goals
  • Creative and academic resources
  • Matching skills, talents, interests, and experience with available opportunities

Baumann asks the question, “What do you want?” and then advises “… ask for it!” There’s not much detail in this article on how to go about either task, though the questions can contribute to a helpful framework for new music grads and alumni.  Your comments are welcome, on this blog or by writing to career@music.wisc.edu.

As a musician, what do YOU want?

Read the article here.