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Wednesday, March 2, 2011 at 12 p.m. Central

Get it Done Guy offers a FREE webinar.

“Sending out 200 resumes and hoping for a job offer has never been the best way to find a job, and in the current economic climate, people are sending out hundreds of resumes and not even landing an interview.

Companies are hiring less, and there are many more candidates battling for each job. Online job boards and mass-resume blasts have made it easier than ever to purse a traditional job search strategy. Unfortunately, it’s made it easier for everyone! Now every job can get 9,000 applicants, each of whom is chasing every job they can. The competition is intense, and it’s very hard to rise above the noise.

Resume-based job searches serve only one function: to get you to a face-to-face meeting, where you can begin to develop a relationship that can lead to a successful and satisfying working relationship. But what if you started with the relationship, instead?

This free webinar led by Stever Robbins and Michael Neece will help you supplement a traditional job search with a relationship-based search. In it, we’ll teach you to boost the effectiveness of a job search through networking and relationships, and help you secure the job offer on your next job interview. We will cover:

You will learn how to:

– Find opportunities through your current relationships

– Use the “currency of trust” to build new relationships

– Handle the most feared job interview questions

– Build rapport with each interviewer

– Secure the job offer on your next interview”