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An Excerpt From Nick Venturella’s New Book The Local Music Journey

Originally posted by Rick Tvedt at Local Sounds Magazine

Madison musician and artist Nick Venturella has released his new book, The Local Music Journey, a guide to treating your music career as a business. The book offers his own anecdotes as well as those of dozens of other area notables in the form of interviews that Venturella conducted over the past several years.

The book is available for purchase or download from his website but you can read an excerpt by clicking here.

Venturella has been writing and recording for the past ten years or so and has developed a personal, confessional style of pop and acoustic rock. He’s released eight recordings including a Christmas EP.

His site also includes a blog where Venturella recounts his own experiences and opportunities in real time. It’s worth checking out and the discussion could be useful to any musician’s career.

Too often musicians divorce themselves from the promotional side of their music. Though there’s nothing inherently wrong with this – and some artists can think of themselves as only that, artists – there are those who would like to make music a career rather than a temporary diversion between dead-end jobs or a less-than-fulfilling professional life. If you are one of those, you owe it to yourself to pick this book up and get a local musician’s perspective. The interviews are interesting enough in themselves and the book is a welcome addition to Madison music lore. [emphasis added – kh]