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Call for Manuscripts

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College Music Symposium is a refereed journal which welcomes articles from all areas of the college and university music teaching profession. We are interested in all forms of scholarly articles, but particularly in articles which (1) present important issues within the profession, broadly construed, and (2) illuminate teaching at the post-secondary level. In consonance with our name, “Symposium,” we encourage a collaborative approach in which a single issue is looked at from a variety of viewpoints, and in some cases will seek out qualified respondents for submitted articles. Non-standard subject matter is acceptable when appropriate; for example, interview articles with important figures, translations of useful and important historical articles; and essay reviews of important books, textbooks, videos, films, and computer-based materials.

Complete information concerning Symposium, including specifications for citations and bibliography, is available at http://www.music.org/SymposiumSpecs.html.

Submissions and correspondence should be addressed to:

Glenn Stanley, Editor, College Music Symposium
Professor of Music History
Department of Music U-1012
University of Connecticut
Storrs CT 06260-1012
Email: glenn.stanley@uconn.edu

Authors interested in writing book reviews should contact:

Janna Saslaw, Reviews Editor, College Music Symposium
Associate Professor of Music Theory
Loyola University New Orleans
College of Music, Box 8
6363 St. Charles Ave.
New Orleans, LA 70118
Email: jksaslaw@loyno.edu