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High Impact Application:  Make an Impression with Your Graduate School Application!

Online chat for prospective graduate students

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


This event offers a chance for prospective graduate students to ask questions about the admissions process, seek advice on writing a statement of purpose, inquire about time line, and pose other questions related to applying to graduate school.

The chat is geared toward a general audience. If program-specific questions arise, panelists will provide contact information for individual programs.

Panelists include representatives from the UW-Madison Graduate School and academic programs, listed below.

Dorothy A. Sanchez, Assistant Dean, Office of Graduate Student Diversity Resources

Maya Holtzman, Assistant Director, Office of Graduate Student Diversity Resources and McNair/SROP programs

Alissa Ewer, Academic Services Coordinator, Office of Admissions and Academic Services

Judy Bauman, Director, Graduate School Admissions

Kathi Matthews-Risley, Director of Communications

Linda Scholl, Fellowships Director, Office of Funding and Fellowships Resources

Nash Vargas, Graduate Advisor, Department of Economics

Annie Duchek, Graduate Coordinator, Industrial and Systems Engineering, Biomedical Engineering

Erin Nickelsburg, Director of Admissions and Recruitment, full-time MBA program